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When is The Best Time To Invest? You will be shocked by the deafening Answer of Robert Kiyosaki, a world-renowned Real Estate and Cash Flow Guru! His answer…… THE CRASH TIME. Yes, you heard it right. The Best Time is to Invest in the CRASH TIME/ PANDEMIC/ Economic Low Time.

This Pandemic Shut down the Global Economic Market to the Core. The fear of many including myself is, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO REAL ESTATE? Yes, I feared the same KAKAILYANETIZENS.

I remember last February 2020, I Invested My Personal Savings To a 2,000 sqm lot more or less for a project Only to be astonished after 2 weeks that this CORONA VIRUS HAD HIT BAGUIO CITY, MY CITY, and my money went to the Soil! Pano na? I have to Maintain almost 100 employees in administration, engineering, architecture, Home and Resource, Security, Productions up to the Utilities. WHAT A FEARFUL STATE OF RESPONSIBILITY I AM FACED UPON. My world was startled for the first time and I experienced a SUDDEN SLOW MOTION in my REALM!

A Leader doesn’t stutter even in PAIN. With my Credential, network, loyal people, and With Jah’s guidance, His wisdom succumbed me with an Idea. An Idea that TODAY Changed almost 150 lives, will further 500 jobs up to the end of 2021, and will foster a Pandemic reality that Family always comes as a priority with the ANIDO feature of our SALENG VILLA HOUSE DESIGN.

3,000,000 PHP was given away to almost 100 individuals here in Baguio – Benguet and the entire of the Philippines for profit. And On March 27, 2021, the Idea, that became life-changing to 500 lives, 25 families, and education to anyone will culminate. I INVITE EVERYONE WHO WANTED TO BE PART OF THIS ADVOCACY, to be a SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM OF THE HOUSING SECTOR and to be our Partner in raising awareness with Real Estate as a Profession. Siak ni JIANLIN your CORDILLERAN REALTOR. I personally invite you to reserve your Slot at our Buffet Grand Tea Talk Nite as you Earn REAL BUSINESS with Real Estate and expand your network with RAYCASA GROUP OF COMPANIES!

Manbibinnadang Taku tadta nga Pandemya! Kaya Taku na. Wat Gaget Di Kasapulan Sina. Have your seat for only 1,000 Php! See you there, Be my Guest, Win Prices and Win a secured and sure Investment for yourself! Only work with Professionals!
-by Jianlin F.

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Motif: Cordilleran

Venue: Orchard Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

Time: 5pm

Date: March 27,2021

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