ALL SALENG VILLAS BUILDINGS @85%! Just a bit more push and we’ll be able to delightfully welcome you in your new home.

Create unforgettable memories, strong family bonds, and connect with nature through surrounded pine trees & overlooking mountain views in Saleng Villas, located at Youngland, Camp 7.

If you’re interested to avail a Saleng Villas property here at Youngland Subdivision, Camp 7, then reserve now as our slots are limited.

Be one step closer to the life that you’ve always wanted and learn how to buy this property with minimal to no cashout through our Real Estate Programs.

Want to see the property? Book a tripping today through the following means:

Contact: 09171927626
Visit Our Office: #75 Lower Padre Burgos, Bokawkan Rd, Baguio City

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