Intimate Feast of the Heart

It's that time of the month where you can feel love in the air everywhere, specially here in Baguio. Sure, you can show your love to that special someone without any need for occasions, but it's still a good thing to have a few days off every the year to go on that trip you two have been planning on, or spicing it up in general. With that said, if you as a couple are not planning to get cozy at home on...


"New Year, New Me." It's the new year, and almost everyone has a new year's resolution. It may be something they want to start, something they want to change, or something they want to maintain. Whatever that "something" is, it better be a catalyst to further improve one's life even if the change would be small. That's why we have a theme of Classic/Vintage 1st month of the year because we want it...

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