Last Tea Talk Before Grandest Event

This will be our final Real EsTea Talk before the grandest event on December so you better not miss it!

Date & Time: October 29, 2022 9:AM
Location: Orchard Hotel, 49 Legarda Rd, Baguio City
Motif: Halloween
Starting Rate : 3.4%
Entrance Fee: 2,000 php
Early Bird Entrance Fee: 1,700 php

As you prepare your costume, you should also be ready to partake in Real Estate Financial Literancy knowledge in order to Earn!
In this event, you will get the following:

  • Learn how to acquire your dream project “without cashout”
  • Free Real Estate Consultation (title disputes, paper processing, legal documents, etc.)
  • Free House Loan Assessment
  • Exclusive rates & Negotiable payment terms
  • Qualify for a Real Estate Program (Buyer, Buyer-investor, Project Partnership)
  • Learn how to raise your “purchasing power”

If you want to learn more, contact us through the following:

Contact Number: 09171927626
Contact Us Link:
Our Office: 75 P. Burgos, Baguio City

Payment Methods:
PayPal :
G- Cash : 09171927626
Jennylyn De Los Santos
GF3 Megatower Residences , Baguio City
BDO ( Banco De Oro ) : 005470110355
Swift code : BNORPHMMXXX
8 characters : BNORPHMM

We would be delighted to see you there!

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