Introducing, Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers

This tower is designed for you to experience a very good quality of life. A condominium that is crafted with pure heart and soul.
Modelled to take care of you and your family’s “Wellness” physical health and soul feeling. A place with no more discomfort and stress. A sanctuary for you to age better and to increase your health span.
We’ve all had times in our life where it’s not been so great, and then times in our life where everything came together and said genuinely, “What a fantastic great day!”
This place is set to give you that experience exactly. Here at Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers, you’ll be able to experience life as optimal, comfortable and enjoyable as can be.
“Enhance Your Life Experience With Us”

Avail Our Saleng Spa 3 Bedroom Unit With Veranda

Specification : 69.65 Square meters
Reservation : 200K ONLY (deductible)
Net Selling Price: 19,315,445.30 PhP
-30% Down-payment Payable up to 20 months
-70% Thru Bank Financing or In-house Financing up to 20 years
Location : Gibraltar, Baguio City, Philippines, 2600


— Feymon YG Your Real Estate Wealth Creator

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