What is the future of housing in the Philippines?

In the early days, when a person wants to own a house, he has to build it himself. When engineering and architecture became a profession, the would-be home owner simply hires their services. When builders started to see the profit of selling houses, they became real estate builders who constructed houses by the bulk and sold them as is.

Only recently had people seen the possibility of selling a lot and constructing a house based on the specifications, layout and conceptualization by the would-be home owner. They called this new concept “customized housing”.

Customized housing simply means designing a one-of-a kind house based on the specific design of the client buyer. This gives the client the freedom to build and to control the design of his own home and the materials to be used.

Casa Infini is one of the known customized housing builders in Baguio City and in the Philippines. Fairly new to the real estate business, it has already achieved what real estate builders and companies far older and more experienced are yet to achieve. Trusted by its clients because of its caring approach, Casa Infini relied only on its good name and the referrals of its clients in order to increase its visibility in the competitive real estate business.

As of today, Casa Infini has been able to build more or less 15 customized houses in just 3 years.

Headed by its CEO, Jennylyn De los Santos-Floresca and Vice President Raffy Floresca, Casa Infini is continuing its promise to innovate with style. Casa Infini does not treat its buyers as simple customers but as partners in creating wealth for the benefit not only of their client – partners but for their future heirs.

For more information, visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Wealthonbuilds.

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